KOORTSDROOM (translates to ‘fever dream’) is an ongoing,
photography  series including self-portraits and portraits of others.

The series invites you, as a viewer and participant, to step onto the gravel of your own unspoken insecurities and scratch open the desires you have hidden.

The photography is focused on visual narrative, the stories remain cryptic and unexplained, such as your dreams at night.

Dreams can confront you with blatant truths of your daily life; someone you desperately long for, a shameful moment you pushed away or a childhood memory that you only seem to remember subconsciously.

It offers us a conflict; are we escaping by falling asleep or existing in an inescapable dream?

2023 - ongoing
featuring Eloy Bloemers, Nicole Spakman, Saidah Pastoor, Julia de Roo, Chiara Pastoor